Rahul Gandhi – The political anatomy of a mainstream politician

Rahul Gandhi: Master of political uproars Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has completed four terms or twenty years in Parliament and is starting his fifth term, yet he remains a dark horse in politics with negligible contribution towards India’s public life; in the last five years, he is known to have veered to the extreme left […] The post Rahul Gandhi – The political anatomy of a mainstream politician appeared first on PGurus.

Jul 9, 2024 - 18:02
Rahul Gandhi – The political anatomy of a mainstream politician
People gave 234 seats to I.N.D.I. Alliance whose chief political leader denies India’s nationhood and displays Hinduphobia

Rahul Gandhi: Master of political uproars

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has completed four terms or twenty years in Parliament and is starting his fifth term, yet he remains a dark horse in politics with negligible contribution towards India’s public life; in the last five years, he is known to have veered to the extreme left and anarchist politics and has exhibited great bonhomie with the known and recognized anti-India lobbies in the west. He has made several controversial statements against the Indian nation, against India’s thriving and robust democracy, India’s electoral politics- in particular Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs), denigrated the legendary Hindu tolerance and acceptance despite ever-mounting challenges from Abrahamic religions within India, has shown great support to Muslim politics all over the country especially in vociferously supporting unconstitutional `minority’ reservations, and to Christian politics especially in north-east and in down south.

It is clear that the Abrahamic vote banks are emboldened by the Congress party’s brazen electoral strategy and have voted en-masse to the I.N.D.I.A block in critically important large states. In Uttar Pradesh, the Congress party piggybacked on the Samajwadi party and gained 7 seats, though its vote share remained around 20% only. BJP’s seats halved from 63 to 33 seats, while its vote percentage was only marginally lower by 1-2%. In West Bengal, TMC showed higher gains than in 2019, while the party continues to hound BJP voters reminiscent of 2021 post-poll violence; the BJP cadre and voters are once again huddled together trying to escape the TMC wrath, significantly Election Commission has asked Central govt to maintain the central paramilitary forces in West Bengal for some more time. BJP seats were also significantly reduced in Maharashtra, Rajasthan, and Haryana. The final tally remained at NDA 293 and I.N.D.I.A 234.

It is curious that despite PM Modi led NDA govt’s tremendous achievements in the economy, GDP growth, infrastructure, diplomacy, and welfare policies, the inspiring way in which the Covid pandemic was handled and the pace of the economy maintained despite Covid setback, all of which had catapulted India as an emerging power, especially as a lead power of global south, the party experienced a setback in key states. All these tremendous achievements didn’t make much impact on the voting public, especially `minority vote banks’ in key large states. Despite the `minorities’, who are in fact 2nd-3rd majorities in India, receiving disproportionately higher benefits (more than double their share of the population) in all Modi Govt’s welfare schemes, have according to all evidence, voted an overwhelming 90-95% to SP, TMC, Congress, DMK, etc.

It is clear that these political parties are catering to their Abrahamic religious vote banks of Muslims and Christian converts, and are assured that anti-Hindu statements and governmental actions will pay rich electoral dividends, it has been proved right yet again in `Hindu majoritarian’ India. Governmental actions in opposition parties’ ruled states include protection of Waqf properties, financial aid to madrasa education, unconstitutional Muslim religious reservations, and many other similar actions. It speaks volumes about the so-called Hindu majority which doesn’t punish the political parties which cater to Abrahamic vote-banks, as well as their anti-Hindu actions in the states where they are in power. Clearly, the political veto of Abrahamic vote banks works in India, which can potentially derail India’s democracy and convert it into a brute mobocracy with the power of vote banks.

I.N.D.I champion Rahul Gandhi

`Hindus are violent, spread hatred and lies’

In the newly constituted 18th Lok Sabha in the grand new Parliament that PM Modi built in the previous term, in the very first session, the newly designated LoP Rahul Gandhi in his belligerent stance mocked and insulted “those who call themselves Hindus are full of violence, hatred and lies”. Though it is staggering that a major political party, from the hallowed halls of parliament, should attack the peace-loving, hapless Hindus who are heavily discriminated against in their own homeland, it runs true to type with the `Mohabbat ki dukaan’ Congress party and its `minority’ appeasement politics. Except for expunging the statements which have anyways gone viral, the Lok Sabha Speaker and the Lok Sabha secretariat didn’t take any action so far. Anyone guesses that Indians would be protesting on the streets if the incendiary remarks were against any other community, but since it is against Hindus, they would be expected to show their legendary tolerance.

`India is not a nation’

According to Rahul Gandhi India was never a nation, it’s just a `union of states’ created by the British in 1947, thus negating Indian civilizational national entity and identity, and its long and ancient documented history. It’s indeed a tragedy that this civilizational nation now has to suffer the new-age politicians who have no knowledge of the nation and are misleading the youth while catering to their Abrahamic vote banks. It’s strange that the media never questioned this politician about the term `nation’ which appears in the name of the party Indian National Congress. Interestingly majority of Indians also wouldn’t know the meaning of the word `Congress’, established by the British in 1885. The foreign DNA of the Congress party survives to this day.

The manufacturing of slander – `Hindu/ saffron terror’

Rahul Gandhi was at the forefront of spreading slander and baseless rumors against Hindus and Hinduism. As per Wikileaks release, in 2009 he claimed to the US ambassador in India Timothy Roemer that `the bigger threat (to India) may be the growth of radicalized Hindu groups’. This slander is very much in tune with the Congress-led UPA Govt’s policy of blaming Hindu groups for jihadi terror attacks like the 2008 Mumbai blasts, it is to be noted that within days of the terror attack, the cabal led by Digvijay Singh released a book titled `RSS ki Saazish’. The conspiracy came to light as the brave policeman Sri Tukaram Kamble caught the terrorist Kasab alive, even as he was martyred. The facts were revealed in his book by an ex-IAS officer from Home Ministry RVS Mani. It is extremely hurtful that Hindus have voted for the Congress party in the very state of Maharashtra where the lies were spun, it is equally painful that the Modi Govt never prosecuted these fake conspiratory theorists in the last ten years. It is to be seen if Modi Govt takes action against these slanderers at least now after biting the dust in Maharashtra.

Undisclosed foreign trips, fake propaganda against India and Hindus & China angle

In the five years between 2015-19, Rahul Gandhi made about 260 trips to foreign countries, while his mother Sonia Gandhi made about 30 trips to undisclosed destinations during the same time. He also met with Chinese ambassador Luo Zhaohui at their embassy in the middle of the night during the Doklam standoff in 2017 and denied the meeting, and he later also met the Bhutanese envoy. It is well-known that the Congress party has had an MoU with the Chinese Communist Party since 2008, the contents of which are not known to the Indian public; however observers have pointed out that during the Manmohan Singh-Sonia Gandhi-led UPA Govt, the balance of trade which was earlier similar between India and China has gone steeply in favor of China.

In the last one and a half years 2023-24, Rahul Gandhi has visited the UK and USA many times and each time denigrated India, saying that Indian democracy is in danger, that PM Modi has captured all constitutional institutions, that he has used investigative agencies against opposition parties, etc. In California and Santa Cruz, Rahul Gandhi was hosted by the Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC) and the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA). In the UK, he held meetings with students at Cambridge University and in the Committee room of the House of Commons, reportedly by hiring those halls. In these meetings, he denied that India is a nation and that it was just a `union of states’ created by the British.

Fake news, lies and propaganda

Rahul Gandhi in his long career as a politician (his parliamentary skills and contributions have been a dismal failure), especially in the last 5 years, has consistently lied and spread fake news, whether on Rafale, Reliance Industries, RSS, Adani industries and Hindenburg operations which has led to a virtual bloodbath on Dalal street, and many other issues. Congress has repeatedly insulted the PM by calling him `Modani’. It didn’t matter to Congress that the Supreme Court which admits frivolous petitions from lawyers of the opposition parties has cleared the EC and Govt whether on EVMs, Rafale, or Adani Industries. Strangely, SEBI is now coming up with several startling revelations on the Hindenburg- Kingdon Hedge funds, China connections, etc much after the damage is done. Each time Rahul Gandhi and his coterie with their `hit and run strategy’ consisting of lies and more lies, have caused immense damage to the nation and to Brand India.

During the elections, Rahul Gandhi and the Congress spread false propaganda that the Modi Govt is changing the Constitution, and that they are going to end `reservations’ for reserved categories of people; they have spread doctored videos of PM Modi, HM Amit Shah etc. BJP has paid heavy costs electorally in key states on the issue of Congress propaganda of `ending the reservations’. They have also raised the old false bogie that Muslims are under threat in India and are going to be disenfranchised and so on. Again, significantly Govt of India has never taken any action against the slanderers even though Modi Govt repeatedly fell victim to the Congress’ misinformation and propaganda.

It is to be noted that Rahul Gandhi in his Bharat Jodo Yatra met with Christian pastors like George Ponnaiah who said that the Bhumi of Bharat Mata is contaminating, that Christians are nearly 65% in Kanyakumari district, that Jesus is the only real God, while Shakti is not etc. Later on, Rahul Gandhi himself said he is fighting with `shakti’, which he amended a little later.

It is also to be noted that during the election run-up, Rahul Gandhi said `Desh mein aag lag jayegi’ If Modi Govt wins the elections; Govt needs to investigate if they have made plans for street fights, especially related to the Caste census, and if they wish to pit some castes against the other in order to instigate and break the Hindu community.

Electoral interference by foreign agencies especially through Social Media

The spread of fake news has reached alarming proportions when it is now revealed that millions of bots were engaged in support of the Congress party on various social media platforms which propagated false content on YouTube channels. It is evident now that the clandestine agencies of the Western world, often called Deep State are certainly deeply engaged in overthrowing the Modi Govt, while they still want Modi’s India to do business with them.

Youtube India sabotage

For nearly 3 to 4 months, several India-based nationalist YouTube channels saw their subscribership and viewership plummeting, while Congress-supporting YouTube channels were pushed up with YouTube algorithms. It is significant that 24 employees of YouTube India have been found to be manipulating the algorithms and jacking up numbers by millions of views within a few hours of uploading, in favor of Congress-supporting YouTube channels while suppressing neutral and nationalistic content. They have also suspended or imposed arbitrary bans on dozens of neutral YouTube channels, which indirectly benefitted the Congress party. It is not known if YouTube management is involved in the scandal. Govt must investigate and prosecute the culprits in these new kinds of digital scams.

The Europe-based Disinfo Lab has published an 85-page analysis of foreign influence in the Indian general elections 2024 — `The Invisible Hand’. Among many others, the report blames two organizations and one individual in particular for peddling a specific narrative — the US-based Henry Luce Foundation (HLF), George Soros’ Open Society Foundation (OSF), and the French political scientist Christophe Jaffrelot. It is no surprise that Christophe Jeffrelot’s brainchild `caste census’ is part of the Congress party manifesto.[1]

Electoral Voting Machines (EVMs)

Even though the EVMs are unhackable, as they are not connected to any operating system or internet, they just function like simple calculators, and even while the Supreme Court admitted dozens of frivolous petitions filed by the Congress ecosystem, it is evident that Rahul Gandhi and Congress has no faith in the Supreme Court judgments. Even after I.N.D.I.A gets 230 + seats, it is apparent that the Congress party is taking help from foreign forces to build false narratives in India. They succeeded in sowing doubts in the minds of Indians, and it is now to be seen whether SC will take up the issue suo moto, or the Election Commission will file a case to save its own prestige. Without suitable action by the concerned authorities, the Congress party will continue to lie through its teeth.

Caste census and wealth- redistribution

While Nitish Kumar jumped ship to NDA after floating the caste-census bogie, it came in handy for Rahul Gandhi who veered towards the extreme left, coined slogans like `jiski jitni abadi, utni haq’, while not specifying the contours of caste census or where the funds will come from to redistribute money. While his commitment to casteism is known, the nation still doesn’t know to which caste he himself belongs. Similarly, the media never asked him why he didn’t start redistributing their family wealth, as Rahul Gandhi’s family is counted among the world’s richest families.

Electoral bribery

It is evident that Rahul Gandhi committed electoral bribery, with his khata-khat scheme of doling out large sums of money, has given reimbursement cards to women, especially Muslim women, to whom they promised Rs 8500 per month; women have lined up thousands at Congress party offices to get the money in various cities. An advocate Vibhor Anand has filed a petition, though it needs to be seen whether the Election Commission will garner courage to take action against the perpetrators of electoral bribery at this massive scale in many states. If they don’t take action, the Congress party will go scot-free once again, and honest voters who didn’t fall for this gambit would have been taken for a ride.


In the entire run-up to the elections, the incessant provocation on Manipur by Congress party spokespersons without talking about the insurgency and drug trafficking angle by Myanmar-based and internal Kuki Christian converts against the Hindu Meities, as well as not taking into consideration the valiant efforts put in by CM Biren Singh, is designed to appease the international and internal Indian Christian lobby. Congress party reaped rich dividends as the `minority Christian convert’ vote in several places went to the Congress party.

Erosion of democratic values in non-BJP-ruled states

Congress party and other opposition parties have routinely abused PM Modi as a dictator, Hitler, and so on, while the opposition-ruled states in India whether Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, etc have seen the greatest erosion in people’s democratic rights as they regularly hound BJP supporters and influencers on Social media, beat up and suppress Hindus, who according to them have voted for BJP, even going to the extent of arresting YouTubers and X account holders like Manish Kashyap, Sab Loktantra, Bhiku Matre, etc. The misuse of power by non-BJP Govts was never prosecuted and punished. The many hate speeches of DMK, Congress, and RJD ministers and politicians calling for the annihilation of Hindus and Hinduism, genocide of Brahmins, and statements against Ramayana and Ramacharit Manas and Ayodhya Ram Mandir have gone unprosecuted and unpunished. It is well-known that BJP Govts don’t prosecute offenders even when it is required, while non-BJP Govts regularly file illegal cases against YouTubers and news channels.

Hindus, cut off the nose to spite the face!

It is equally curious that against this minority vote banks’ onslaught on Indian democracy, considerable sections of Hindus too voted against the BJP in key states on local, parochial, and community issues. It is strange that last minute reluctant entrant in Rai Barelli, Rahul Gandhi has been given a second seat with a big majority, by a predominantly Hindu constituency. While the reasons for the anti-BJP vote are valid, such as minority-appeasement politics of BJP, internal security issues, and non-action on several Hindu issues, which have all caused palpable damage to PM Modi’s image; is it really reasonable that the Hindu voters in a few large key states vote for parties which are ostensibly being handled from abroad by forces inimical to India’s and Hindu interests? The infamous non-strategic, non-tactical, and myopic Hindu voters have done it again?

With the political winds a little uncertain now, the mainstream media has once again started displaying its forked tongues. It is ridiculous that the news debates are focusing on Priyanka Gandhi’s candidature from Wayanad, without questioning how a non-talented trio of mother-son and daughter from a particular family can all be MPs in parliament in an aspirational India.

Millions of honest voters are waiting for the action to be taken by Govt of India, the Election Commission, and the Supreme Court.

Rahul Gandhi, please spare this hapless nation.

1. Text in Blue points to additional data on the topic.
2. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.


[1] Curious Case of Western Deep State and The Indian ElectionsJun 9, 2024, Insightful

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The post Rahul Gandhi – The political anatomy of a mainstream politician appeared first on PGurus.

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