Achyutram Bhandari Sangeet Academy Concludes 9th Concert Series with Classical and Folk Music

Mar 30, 2023 - 08:36
Mar 30, 2023 - 09:12
Achyutram Bhandari Sangeet Academy Concludes 9th Concert Series with Classical and Folk Music

On Chaitra 15, music enthusiasts in Kathmandu were treated to a night of classical music and original Nepali folk music at the Achyutram Bhandari Sangeet Academy's main hall in Gaurighat. The event marked the end of the academy's ninth concert series, which has been presenting a program of classical music and Nepali folk music on the 15th of every Nepali month for the past eight months.

The chief guest for the program was Ganga Devi Upreti Sedai, Central President of the Swadesh Foundation Nepal. The event began with a session featuring Achyutram Bhandari, the patron of Tabla Badak and Achyutram Bhandari Music Academy, Indian Sarangi Badak Parshuram Bhandari, and Bansuri Badak Dr. Niranjan Bhandari, who presented classical music based on Raag Jog.

In the second session of the program, Kishore Kumar Sedai, a communication worker at the Information and Technology Department of Kathmandu Municipality and an artist of Radio Nepal, performed the famous Pakistani ghazal singer Ghulam Ali's "किन किन तिम्रो तस्वीर मलाई निको लाग्छ," which was recorded by Radio Nepal B.S. around 2041. Artist Sedai's presentation of Nepali ghazals and folk songs was accompanied by revered Achyutram Bhandari on tabla, Parshuram Bhandari on Indian Sarangi, Dr. Niranjan Bhandari on Flute (Basuri), and Artist Suman Khatri on Harmonium.

The event concluded with Ganga Devi Upreti of the Swadesh Foundation Nepal awarding certificates to the artists, and senior sitar Badak Uma Thapa of Nepal receiving certificates on behalf of the Swadesh Foundation Nepal. The event also saw the presence of special guests, including Navaraj Dhakal, Head of the Information Technology Department at Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Deepak Sarkar, President of World Cultural Net, and Beth Brewster, Managing Director of Giving Hope NGO.

Neelkanth Tiwari, President of Ekyabaddhata publication (ऐक्यबद्धता प्रकाशन), Meena Sharma Tiwari, Editor-in-Chief of Ekyabaddhata monthly magazine, IT engineer Manika Shah, and others were also present at the program. The event was a testament to the rich musical heritage of Nepal and showcased the talent of local artists while bringing together music lovers and enthusiasts from different walks of life. The Achyutram Bhandari Sangeet Academy's dedication to promoting classical and folk music is commendable and continues to inspire budding musicians in Nepal.

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