Business woman Ms. Yamuna Bhattarai from the USA has invested half a million dollars in Sagoon

In the summer of 2004, venture capitalist Peter Thiel made a $500,001 first angel investment in the social network Facebook - which was an amazing moment for Facebook. Ms. Yamuna's $500,000 investment in Sagoon can too become a talking point in the future.

Sep 11, 2021 - 06:23
Sep 20, 2021 - 15:48
Business woman Ms. Yamuna Bhattarai from the USA has invested half a million dollars in Sagoon

The Sagoon team is excited to welcome Ms. Yamuna Bhattarai in our team. She is a successful business entrepreneur residing in Dallas, Texas. “Ms. Bhattarai was following our journey from the very beginning, and now she has made a decision to support our mission by investing half-a-million US dollar” said Sagoon founder Mr. Govinda Giri.

Founder Giri said that “it is very encouraging for global Nepalese and south Asian communities that more entrepreneurs are learning about startup opportunities like Sagoon. We are highly encouraged by Ms. Bhattarai’s decision to join our team and project.” 

“Woman business icon Ms. Yamuna Bhattarai has a wonderful inspiring story to tell to the world” said Sagoon Cofounder Mr. Kabin Sitoula. “She is a very hard-working, success-driven and ambitious business woman who has a passion to inspire and encourage other women and anyone who wants to become a successful entrepreneur”. He further added that “her long business experience will help Sagoon advance to its next level of growth and expansion, and at the same time, she will have a unique opportunity to experience the priceless journey of a technology-based start-up company.”  

“I am very happy and excited to join the Sagoon family, and I thank Sagoon founders for the wonderful opportunity to invest in Sagoon” said the Texan business woman Ms. Yamuna Bhattarai. She added that “I had never thought that I would invest in a start-up company at this level, but after a careful study of Sagoon’s long-term vision, strong team, unique technological innovation, recent progresses, and sound future business plan, I am very confident of Sagoon’s ultimate success.

Sagoon is reinventing the way social media is monetized today, enabling users to earn financial rewards while engaging and interacting with each other and sharing personal experiences. Over 7.7 million users across 64 countries have accessed the platform since its release. Sagoon users share their stories from text, photos, and videos, and earn smart coins to shop on the platform. As of today, 1.7 billion smart coins have already been earned by platform users, with 533 million smart coins used for shopping and gifting to friends and family. Sagoon is adding new features to make the platform more valuable.  

The Sagoon app is available to download from Play Store or App Store.

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