Jesus Christ, Christian Religion And Its Origin

Jesus Christ, Christian Religion And Its Origin

                                                                                        By Dirgha Raj Prasai

The ideological differences on Jesus Christ and the Christian religion are being analyzed with emphasis on historical facts and being centralized on question pertaining to the search of the starting point of the world’s religions. The ancient Vedic Hindu religion is the genesis of civilization. Vedic traditional Hinduism of the old age is the devotee of the Panchadeva (five Gods). ‘Omkar Jagat (followers of OM) is the devotee of Vedic Hindu traditions. The worship of Gods and Goddess- Ganesh (an elephant headed God), Bhagawati (Goddess), Surya (Sun), Shiva (Lord Shiva) and Bishnu(the creator of the world), is compulsory for one who is facing crisis. We confer respect to one another on account of the ancient Vedic Hindu religion. We want Nepal to remain a stable Hindu and Buddhist nation. Nepal is the birth place of both these two religion-Hindu and Buddha. First of all, we should be convinced that the religion is realization; not talk, not doctrine, nor theories, however beautiful they may be. It is being and becoming, not hearing or acknowledging; it is the whole soul becoming changed into what it believes. So,
religion is the manifestation of the Divinity already in man. Then, we should understand that the Hindu religion is very ancient, practical and democratic in the way of human life.

Muslim and Christian religions took birth long after the creation of Hindu religion and its civilization. Hindus and Buddhists of Nepal are highly liberal. They respect either of the religions, Christian and Muslim. However, Hindus will not tolerate the attempt made on attacking the popular religion of this place by coming here and trying to evangelize people following other religions. In Nepal, Hindus and Buddhists do not bear any ill will towards Muslims. This is so because Muslims follow their own religion and respect Hinduism and Buddhism, not attack them. So we are not angry towards Muslims. Hindus of Nepal are suspicious and angry towards the Christian workers brokers. Christian's supporters want to destroy Nepal’s identity. Some Nepalese were turned into Christians before 1768 A.D after the Malla rulers came under influence.

 After 1768 A.D the creator of the big Nepal, Prithvi Narayan Shah chased away Capuchin and Christian preachers due to their suspicious activities. So, from then they bore a negative attitude towards Nepal. Facts are not obtained by being angry. Shiva, Buddha and Jesus Christ did not find the right path without deep meditation. The Christians must know who they are, where the religion started and then give respect to other religions. To refrain from all evils, to do what is good, to purify the mind; these are the lesson of all religions. Then, why are Christians forgetting our history and their originality-'Hinduism'? 

In the context of world religions, we should research the originality of the religions. Jesus Christ and his mother Mary were influenced by Hindu. It may be the Christianity was founded on the life and teachings of a Jew named Jesus Christ. "Christ" is a title and it comes from the Greek form of the Hebrew Messiah, meaning 'anointed one.' The English word "Jesus" comes from the Greek form of the Hebrew Joshua, a common name which means 'savior.' Christianity was founded on the life and teachings of a Jew named Jesus Christ. Among all religions of the world, Hindu religion is considered as an ancient religion that is recognized as the foundation of civilization and as the most liberal democratic way of life.  Almost, 250 years ago, when present India (Hindustan) was not in existence, there were more than 25 nations, the great King Prithvi Narayan Shah expressed 1768 –"Nepal is true Hindustan"

Dr. Swami Prapannacharya in his book ‘Bed Ma Ke Chhha’ has quoted from Sri Baba Swanker, preacher Gopalacharya, Dr. Bukanin, Dr. Spencer, Russian intellectual Dr. Nikal Sanoto from a book ‘Unknown Life of Jesus’ that, “The birth of Jesus Christ was in a Hindu family of India. There is a statue of Christ’s mother 'Mary' in Florence. Such a statue is also found in the Church of Macmillan. In the statue Mary is wearing a just Nepalese & Indian's women's dress (Sari-Cholo) like that of Hindu queen and a red patch of vermillion (Tika) on the forehead like that of Hindus.  Many western intellectuals have also believed that Christ took birth in a Hindu family. ‘God is Light’ is the line of Lord Shiva, light of Christians.

In an art house in Munich, Germany a statue of Jesus Christ is found wearing a robe of a Hindu ascetic with a patch of red vermillion-mark made on forehead (Tika). In the statue found in Florence Jesus is wearing a sacred thread (Janai) like that of a Hindu Bhramin. A picture found at the Vatican Palace in Rome shows Christ having a length of bound hair beginning at the center of a shaved head (known as Tupi in Hinduism) and wearing cloth worn round the waist (Dhoti), looking an appearance of a righteous man (Sadhu). An authoritarian regime of Israel executed Christ who had stayed in Nepal for six years doing meditation. He came back from the grave, as he had acted as if dead, with the power of meditation and left for India.
An Indian scholar Rajiv Malhotra writes- 'The fact is that the Vaidik Yogic path of embodied-knowing seeks to dissolve the historical ego, individual and collective, as false. It sees the Christian fixations on history and the associated guilt, as bondage and illusions to be erased
through spiritual practice. Its physical postures are only the tip of an iceberg, beneath which is a distinct metaphysics with profound depth and breadth. Its spiritual benefits are undoubtedly available to anyone regardless of religion.'

'It is interesting that the fundamentalists ignore Jesus Christ’s commandment to clothe, feed, and assist the poor. There is no way to reconcile fundamentalists’ beliefs that it is acceptable to ignore the poorest among us to enrich the wealthy and corporations, but it is highly likely that because Christian's pander to fundamentalists’ bible-based dogma that encourages hatred of abortion, gays, and women, the fundamentalists are choosing the lesser of evils and willfully accept that god intends for millions of Americans to live in poverty. Christian brokers exemplify proverbial sheep that blindly follow their leaders who encourage adherence to church philosophy that is inherently anti-government, and in lieu of using common sense and basic self-interest, adhere to conservative economic philosophy that will, in due time, spell economic disaster for themselves and the country. These people have tapped into a mindset that allows them to reward the wealthy and their corporate interests at the expense of the people who support them. The fundamentalists believe that, “If God is in control and in my life, there is one way to get this done, and that’s God’s way; and God’s way is always one way; and we may not understand, but that’s the way it is.” It is tragic that Christian fundamentalists’ belief that god wants 99% of the population to suffer so the wealthy and their corporations can prosper, and that any attempts by the government to help the economy is an affront to god’s supremacy.'

Western lady Ms. Simona Rich writes-> 'I was born into a non-practicing Christian family. They think they are very spiritual but they don’t know anything about spirituality. They consider themselves superior to those who don’t go to church. They busy themselves with setting others straight whilst they themselves are the biggest sinners. I’m not saying all church people are the same, but a lot of them commit many sins outside of the church, like talking bad things about others and getting jealous and angry about small things, and then they go to church, confess their sins, say a few prayers and again commit the same sins. This practice is widely accepted in the Christian community. Those who are sworn Christians are mainly fanatics. They live by the Bible but they don’t feel it. They are merely fools ready to fight anyone who doesn’t belong to their religion and blindly following the text but not pondering on the meaning of it. I dislike many things about Christianity. I don’t like that it’s said in the Bible that everyone has to accept Christ as their savior as only then they will go to heaven. It was even once said in the Bible that soul is mortal (though the Bible has been rewritten since then many times) and that the only way to save your soul and make it immortal is to, as I said, accept Christ as your savior. It’s very cruel to fool people this way and waste their lives so that they would stick to this religion.
I do believe that the Bible is based on truth, but it’s been covered by so many false accounts that you are better off not reading it at all. It will only leave you confused, trust me. And those professors who claim that there are no inconsistencies in the Bible are only doing so because they have strong attachments to this religion and their minds cannot allow any denying of this religion to arise. It’s very stupid for Christians to think that people who did not choose this religion will go to hell. This is so close-minded, so childish. Once I had a friend who stopped talking to me when she realized that I’m a non-practicing Christian. Although Muslims and Christians always fight with each other, there are many similarities in these two religions. Both religions are made by men because women are considered of less importance in these religions. Both religions have a place called heaven. Both religions think that those who do not belong to their religion are eternally doomed.

Buddhism and Hinduism are closest to my heart. The Hinduism came out of the writings of the Rishis, the “Seers” of India. In my opinion, Vedas, which are the most important sacred writings of the Rishis that Hinduism is based on, contains least contradictions and makes most sense. The Vedas make most sense logically and when you have spiritual experiences you come to know by the experience of the truth of the Vedas. Hinduism is the oldest religion and the least cruel religion. It respects other religions and does not try to convert other people into it. Christianity and Islam looks like the religion of barbarians compared to Hinduism. Hinduism is indeed the most truthful religion in my opinion. It doesn’t devalue women, firstly, but regards them as completely equal, because they are. Men could not exist without women and women could not exist without men. Hinduism provides more spiritual teachings about how the world came into existence than any other religion. Hinduism is more suited for people with a better understanding of spirituality. Reading Vedas a person becomes empowered and more understanding whilst reading the Bible a person becomes frightened and confused. In the Vedas and other Hindu spiritual texts there are so many eye-opening statements, there is so much wisdom. For example, in the Bhagavat Gita (another Hindu sacred text) it is told that a person should work all her life, but she must not become attached to the results of her work, that she should dedicate the fruits of her work to God. Only this way the working person can become happy. Any work done with some kind of expectation leaves one miserable. Vedas explains everything about this world; this is the only text that in my opinion clearly explains the nature of this reality and the reason for it. This text makes me want to have been born an Indian in this life-time so that I would more deeply understand it.'

Similarly, an Indian scholar Prem Sabhlok expresses-The metaphysics of Socrates and Plato influenced so much the Western social and spiritual thought and brought enlightenment to the West that today WEST describes “Plato as philosophy and philosophy as Plato.” We the followers of Vedic Sanatan Dharma in India seem to have forgotten that that source of his writings and philosophy was Vedic metaphysics. Before Plato, Pythagoras went from Samos (Greece) to land of Ganga to learn Geometry. He would not have gone such a long and strange journey had the reputation of Brahmin’s (Vedic) science not been long established in Europe. (Francois. M. Voltaire). Plato left Athens for about one decade and visited Prasava (Persia), Ariana (Iran) and North West part of the then India-land of Aryans. He seems to have discussed a number of metaphysical concepts with the then Vedic Rsis and Munnies. On his return to Athens, he propagated those thoughts without making any reference to Vedic rsis and munnies. However, the influence of Vedic metaphysics is clearly visible in Plato’s writings/books. '
So, it is proved that Jesus was influenced on Vedic Hindu philosophy. And He had traveled again and again in this pious-land-Nepal & India. We can see a tomb of Jesus Christ kept in Kashmir. Christ traveled through what is now Nepal and India from 13-30 years seeking religions teachings. There are facts that suggest he read Vedic teachings in Kashi, Jagannath, Bihar and Nalanda. He went to Lumbini (Nepal) and visited mountains of Kumbakarna, Gaurishankar and Mt. Everest south of Tibet. It is mentioned in the Sanskrit language in a Puran (theology) book.  It is also mentioned in this theology ‘The mother of Jesus was pregnant in younger age before her marriage.’ We can see the similarity between Kuntee and Mary so Jesus Christ represents Karna. Kuntee bore a child Karna before her marriage.

Similarly, an intellectual M.K. Shrestha has written, 'The mother of Jesus Christ Mary had become pregnant before she had married. The problem was solved when she accepted one carpenter Yusuf (Joseph) as her husband. First he denied accepting her. Let it be- Jesus Christ came to India at the age of 12/13 with businessmen. He spent some days with Jainmuni (sage) in Rajasthan. Then he studied Ved in Kashi and Jagannathpuri. He achieved enlightenment through meditation in India. Jesus Christ preached on love, benediction, compassion and mercy by learning from ancient Vedic Hindu religion. He has shown honor to Veda in his books. He believed in Bhramh (the creator), Bishnu( the preserver and protector), Maheshwor (manager of truth, beauty & wellbeing)  and ‘OM’. The word 'OM’later changed into ‘Omen’. The manuscript of Christ can be read at the 'Summit University' in France. The tradition that precedes a birth, death, marriage and christening in Churches by priests and pastors corresponds with the Hindu traditions. There is a hexagon of Hindu Goddess ‘Saraswati’ (Goddess of Intellect) in the national insignia of Israel’s Jews.(Nepal Samachar Patra)

An analyst, Dr. Tilak B. Shrestha says-' The concept of ‘Christ’ comes from the legend of ‘Krishna’ of the Hindu pantheon. Hindus believe that God incarnated as Krishna to teach the ‘Karma Yoga.’ It may be noted that the lesson of ‘Karma yoga’ is primary and the belief in incarnation is only secondary. However, it is also believed Krishna to state that whenever world is in pain; he will incarnate to heal it. It is a universal declaration of love of God for its creation, not a political statement. In those ancient times, though difficult, people did migrate. The people migrating to the Middle East from the east were collectively known as Hebrews. One sub-group of such Hebrews is ‘A-Brahman’. They were the erstwhile Hindu ‘Brahmans’ who quit rigors of Brahmanism and migrated to the west. In Sanskrit, the prefix ‘A’ is used to negate. Thus, ‘A-Brahman’ means ‘no longer Brahmans.’ This is the origin of the Jewish name ‘Abraham’. This group also carried the promise of Krishna as their legend. The word ‘Krishna’ Hellenized to ‘Chrisnos’. Greek language tends to substitute ‘T’ for ‘N’, and it became ‘Christos’. Similar interesting phonetic substitution in Japanese is ‘R’ for ‘L’ and in Chinese ‘L’ for ‘R’. You might have heard Japanese democracy and ‘erection’, and Chinese noodle and ‘lice’. The Greek word ‘Christos’ became ‘Christ’ in Hebrew. The meaning of the legend also changed with the new environments. This definition is believed by Jewish people and claimed by Jesus. By the way, ‘Jesus’ is known as ‘Yesu’, ‘Yusuf’, ‘Isa’ etc. in different languages. Thus to bring Christianity in line with other two religions, Constantine convened and presided over the Christian council in 325 AD, in Nicea. Christianity then following Judaism had only one God. Jesus supposed to be God’s son.

We can read the destructive conspirator history of Christian brokers in south Asia here. This Christianization started since the European Missionaries landed in Indian and Sri Lankan shores and established themselves, especially in the colonial period. Despite independence, the process of Christianization has increased, thanks to the imposition of the Christian concept called
‘secularism’ by the political leadership of both countries, showing scant regard to the native cultural heritage and religious traditions. Then, they adopted their strategies by the Church to achieve this goal can be summed up as: 1.Influencing the leadership of both LTTE and the Sri Lankan Government. 2. Influencing the leadership of the Dravidian Parties of Tamil Nadu and forming an unholy nexus with them; spreading the myth of “Christian
Missionaries’ contribution to Tamil.  

Acquiring vast stretches of lands, as much as possible, in the name of education and health care, and planting Churches along the stretches so that neighborhood citizens are coerced and converted easily 4. Baptizing Thiruvalluvar, hijacking *Thirukkural* and doing things in
his name. Inventing a St. Thomas-Thiruvalluvar connection and spreading that myth. Thiruvalluvar and Thirukkural are a stop gap arrangement, a transit point, through which the transformation from Hindu to Christianity takes place. 5. Sowing anti-Veda and anti-Sanskrit poison and dividing the Saiva Mathams, thereby separating a section in the name of “Tamil Saivam” and controlling them. A few Saiva Mutts, who flirt with the Atheist Dravidian
Parties, are allegedly backed by the Church to go all out against Vedic culture, Agama Worship and Sanskrit usage.
Corrupting the secretariats and officials of Vaishnava Mutts-and Saiva Adheenams and purchasing their lands through them, thereby liquidating their assets immensely. Many Mutts have sold their lands to Christians.7. Influencing the Government to interfere in Temple affairs and harass the Mathams and Adheenams through the Hindu Religious and Charitable
Endowment Department. Changing Hindu traditions through government ordinances, to suit their agenda. 8. Erasing “Hindu” identity and establishing a “Tamil” identity, through enculturation to
totally Christianise the state.'

Similarly, in 1835 Lord Mecaule and in 1856 Caldwell used weapons to enforce Christianity after colonizing India. Their blasphemous act of disintegrating the Hindu religion has tainted the Christian religion. Those taking part in the publicity of the Christian religion indulge in fighting amongst each other. They are in the habit of discriminating each other. To show them different to that of Hindu religion, Christianity has shown utter disregard to the wearing of red vermillion (Tika and Sindhur), resorted to burning scriptures of codes of conduct of Vedic Hindu and Buddhism and vandalizing statues. Due to such acts Christian religion has taken in the form of a religious terrorism. Christians have moved in against the sentiment of Jesus Christ and absorbed the non-religious ways by abandoning Vedic tradition and indulging in self-driven motives of taking over state powers.

James Madison (American Statesman, 1751-1836, Co-Author Declaration of independence) Christianity is full of superstition, bigotry, and persecution’. Thomas Paine (1737-1809), the American Statesman wrote: ‘What is it the Bible teaches us? — Rapine, cruelty and murder President Thomas Jefferson--The Christian God is cruel, vindictive, capricious and unjust.’   Charles Dickens.--‘Missionaries are perfect nuisances and leave every place worse than they found: -- ‘His Majesty the King has ordered that there shall be no Brahmins in his land and that they should be banished.' I order that no Hindu temples be erected in any of the territories of my king and that Hindu temples which already have been erected be not repaired and must be destroyed. (The Inquisition--Francis Xavier--Sonia's UPA Government- Bhagavaandaas Tyaagi-2010,Nov.25 )


What is spirituality? It is about search for the truth and practices of improving ones inner values. Believing ‘Jesus is Christ or not’ is irrelevant, for that matter neither believing ‘Fat Buddha’ is. By believing so, what profound truth you came to know? How did it improve your spiritual values? Whether ‘Jesus is Christ or not’ is important only to the Jews. If
he was really Christ, then they were obliged to obey and fight for him as a God appointed King towards liberation of Israel. Christianity is a great religion, with problems of being false and dangerous*. Consider the definitions: superstition - believing without facts, and brain washing -
believing against facts. 'Christianity is merely a brain washing system by promoting wishful thinking'. The danger of Christianity is that it does not allow people to do critical analysis. (?)


This is a matter of such extremity that brings destruction to oneself. Those in Nepal who in ignorance have sold themselves to the economic incentives of Christian missions have raped their own identity. We condemn the absorption into an artificial road of those who have gotten the Vedic Hindu religion to cremation and helped in establishment of Christian colony. If it necessitates there will be attack on them. If Christians do not respect the Vedic Hindu religion then Nepalese Hindus will not tolerate the Christian conspiracy.

The British Empire, spreading in Asia, after getting hold of its influence in India had eyed on mountainous region of Nepal. Then the great King Prithbinarayan Shah fought against the Brutishness' destructive design from attack this pious Land- 'Himabatkhanda-Nepal' and saved this sovereign-Land. It was not an easy task to fight British imperialistic force in the mid 18th century. Now, since 2005, the Christian Missions are active to do so. But, Hindus are paying the price for their intellectual laziness, for choosing comfort over hard thinking. Most of these 'thinkers' have never opened the Bible. It is a matter of grief that the Christian saints and brokers ordered to destroy the temples where they kept the idols of Hindu's God & Goddess and to break the statues of Hindu idols into tiny pieces. That was their goal to destroy Hindu & Buddha culture and make the country a Christian nation. Hinduism has a deep philosophical and spiritual heritage that has repeatedly mesmerized the world including western scientists, leaders and philosophers. So, it is a high time Nepal and all the Hindus in the world should be careful to save her indigenous culture. Some Christians erected Churches without any agreement after 2005; they had not to so such behavior. As such voices are raised by the employees of brokers of Christianity, Christian religion is becoming unpopular. In Arab nations due to the pressure mounted by the Christian nations of the west, they are forced to view them as their enemy.

When my opinion published on- 'Jesus Christ and Christian Religion its origin' in different online, then the > www. < released the questions about Jesus Christ. 'Who was the real Jesus? If a court of law were to evaluate the evidence for Jesus Christ, what would it conclude about his identity? Is it possible to discover the true historical Jesus? Many scholars have carefully studied the facts about this person who has so greatly influenced human history. The articles on this website reveal the truth regarding Jesus of Nazareth. Archaeologists, historians, textual scientists and New Testament scholars examine the wealth of evidence making him the most unique person in the history of our world. You will find answers to questions asked by skeptics about his existence, the credibility of his claims, his true identity, his fulfillment of prophecy, his resurrection, his relevance to our lives today, and the reliability of the New Testament gospels. So what do the facts tell us? Can we trust the New Testament accounts of Jesus, or are the skeptics right? We invite you to examine the evidence. Was Jesus a Real Person? Was there a Da Vinci Conspiracy? Is Jesus God? Are the Gospels True? Was Jesus the Messiah? Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead? Is Jesus Relevant Today?' But, I have answered already in my analysis.'


America destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki of Japan in the Second World War with the nuclear weapons created by Jew scientist Einstein. When the then American President Roosevelt asked Einstein what he wanted the latter has answered, “I want a Jew state.” In this sense the Americans must have declared Israel ‘a Jew state’. When Einstein was asked to preside over the presidency of the nation he swiftly declined to do so. In Israel the sign which is common with Hindu Goddess ‘Saraswoti’ was made the symbol Shatkon (angle having six bases) of Jew. It is an inspiration from the Hindu religion. Jews who fled Iran many centuries ago came to south Asia, Hindu Kings gave them refuge. Jews have never forgotten those centuries of Hindu generosity in south Asia, when they were persecuted everywhere else in the world. 

But the Christians are pouncing on Hindus wherever they contact and show the attraction of money as attraction to transform them into Christians. Their design is ending the Hindus’ identity. Actually, in the long term, such conspiratorial actions reverse a defeat for the Christians themselves. The attempt to control human beings desire cannot be called religion. Aren’t there other options than religion to achieve the goal of establishing colonies? 

Robert L. Johnson wrote in "The Bible’s Ungodly Origins".' Many rank and file Christians sincerely believe the Bible is a direct communication from God to man. I know I used to believe it was when I was a Christian. And from recent conversations with many sincere Christians I know this is currently true for many believers. Once it is proven to our God-given reason that the Bible is strictly a man-made collection of mythology the mind loses yet another shackle of "revelation" and is soon on its way to full freedom and progress.'    

Hindu religion and its culture are respected by many big intellectuals around the world. The western renowned philosophers-Voltaire, George Bernard Shaw, German scholar Nitse, Megasthaniz and Fai-Han have written many books supporting the Hindu philosophy expressing the evolutionary process of the world's civilization. Hindu philosophy is incomparably greater intellectual work than the Bible?  According to Encyclopedia of Religions and Ethics, signs of Hindu religion are even found in the present Islamic country like Iran. A stone scripture of 486 BC found in Iran contains the words Hindu and Hindus. Even an ancient Parsi scripture 'Shatir' has lifted a word of Ved Vyas- 'I am a true Hindu born in a Hindu country'. An international scholar Aldus Huxley said-'The oldest aspects of Hindu mythology give place to the most profound and subtle utterances about the nature of ultimate reality, it is in itself a liberal education in humility, tolerance and suspense of judgment.' An Indian scholar says- S. Kalyanaraman says- Hinduism was a storehouse of knowledge and enlightenment and, if fully researched, could provide answers to the issues facing the contemporary

 NEWSWEEK COLUMNIST Ms Lisa Miller says-'we are all Hindus. The Rig Veda, the most ancient Hindu scripture, says: "Truth is one, but the sages speak of it by many names." A Hindu believes there are many paths to God. The most traditional, conservative Christians have not been taught to think like this. They learn in Sunday school that their religion is true, and others are false.  Let us all say "OM." when you chant "OM," it will resonate not only in the room but down through the ages.'  May 13, 2010 at >

The Christian calendar had started 57 years after the start of Bikram Sambat. After Jesus Christ was worshipped legitimately then the calendar was commenced in memory of him after 400 years. When this calendar came into effect they took references of months, days from the Bikram Sambat (Nepalese Era). Adityabar (Sunday) was taken as Sunday in remembrance of Sun. In this day Christians pray. Sombar (Monday) is the day of Moon-Monday, Mangalbar( Tuesday) is the day of welfare-Tuesday (God of Mars), Budhabar (Wednesday) which is Horse day, Brishaspatibar is Thursday (Thor’sday-The Thunder), Sukrabar is Friday (Wife of Odin) and Sanibar is Saturday meaning-The day of Saturn (Roman God of Agriculture). The word Day was taken out of Sanskrit word Diwa. The month of September is from Saptabar, October is of Ostabar, December from Dasambar. The March Month is related to Ganesh-Mangalb. The word Mother is taken from Matri and Father or Peter from Pitri. There are many words that in time have changed in such a way.

The ‘Omen’ word used by Christian is similar to the ‘OM’ used by Hindus. Hindus worship the Sun God on Sunday; similarly the Christians worship Christ on Sunday. In view of all these, the Christian nations and Christian mission ought to respect the greatness of Hinduism and competent views of it. Many words had taken from Sanskrit. Mother (Maathru), Father (Pithru), Bhraatha(Braathru), Geriatric(Jaraa), Nose(Naasikaa), Mortal(Mruthyaha), Door(Dwaaraa), Two(Dhwe), Three(thri), Divine(Divya) and so on.                                  

The Sanskrit word made Samittee from which Committee was made. The word Prasad is like Palace, Charitar for Character, Danta for Dante. Like Christianity developed from Hinduism the Greek, Latin took birth from Sanskrit language. Famous French intellect Dr. Jekreliot Bible has accepted the Hindu science. He says 'The Hindu Revelation (Veda) is of all revelations, the only ideas are in perfect harmony with modern science as it proclaims the slow and gradual formation of the world." German philosopher Nieztse has said, 'The law book of Manu is incomparably greater intellectual work than the Bible.'

May this analytical and research-based work in regard to who Jesus Christ was and what religion was he influenced of and how Christian religion started to be considered by all. We, Hindus respect the only Jews state 'Israel' of the world. Lastly, it is our appeal to the Christian missions and Christian nations that they confer their rich respect to the only pure Hindu nation of Nepal. May there be efforts to the effect of eradicating the negative views of Hindus towards Christianity. So, all the Christians and Christian world must regard the Vedic Hindu religion and NEPAL as a 'Hindu Kingdom.'